Peg Bermel

The Friends of the Sisters Library Peg Bermel Scholarship was first established in 2007 in order to offer a college scholarship to a deserving Sisters High School Senior.  The Friends of the Sisters Library Board named the scholarship in Peg Bermel’s name to honor her longtime service as the Sisters librarian.  Her dedication to the Sisters Community, its youth and its library helped the library grow along with the community.  Beginning her tenure in a small, one-room building, heated by a wood stove, Peg shepherded the library’s growth through two major building projects.  The Friends look to honor a student who shows this kind of hard working dedication.

The scholarship is $1000 per year for the first two years, and may be used towards tuition, and/or books and supplies.

The following criteria are essential in order to be considered for this scholarship:

  • The student must have demonstrated motivation, commitment and involvement in the community through school, volunteer work, or in the work force.
  • The student must have taken rigorous high school classes, and maintained a good attendance.
  • The student must have challenged themselves as individuals through their studies, community involvement, and/or work.
  • The student must have a 2.5 GPA, but it is also a secondary consideration to motivation, work ethic, and responsibility.
  • The student applicant must complete an application, provide a record of volunteer and or/work experience, a high school transcript, and include a letter of recommendation from a teacher and a letter of recommendation from another community member.